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Response to Review no. 801

I am happy not to comment extensively on this very engaged, thoughtful and generous review, save to say that the focus on gender and women in the review (at the expense of class, of Bennet, Montgomery and all the men who feature in the book) interests me, not least because I see the story of Mary-Anne Rawson as a home-based missionary supporter as being as much about class as gender: LMS missionary wives in this period were not from her class background. But I agree absolutely that there is some unravelling to be done regarding the 1860s: to understand better the relationship between the increasingly middle-class missionary movement, the entry of middle-class single women as missionaries, and feminist/anti-feminist politics which seem to be more complex than the Imperial Feminism of the later 19th century (and also more bound up with denomination than I allow for in this book). I appreciate the review, which poses important questions.