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Response to Review no. 829

This is almost a dream review, and I’m most grateful to Johan Franzén for having read the book so carefully.

To answer some of his (very gentle) criticisms: first, the kind of audience I had in mind was a mixture of academics working on urban social history in other parts of the world, and who might be interested in seeing what has been done in the Middle East; the growing number of researchers interested in working in this field but perhaps not readily aware of what has been accomplished (much of it in the last 30 odd years). and any of my colleagues in Middle Eastern studies who might think of putting on a course on Middle Eastern cities. I don’t think I saw it as a ‘student textbook’, although I hope postgraduates will read it with pleasure and profit.

Second, maps and photographs: mea culpa, mea maxima culpa; at the end I was so anxious to have the text finished (as I wrote in the preface, it went through many vicissitudes) that I simply overlooked illustrations, which, I very much agree, would have greatly improved the book.

Again, it is a pleasure to acknowledge such an entirely positive review!!