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Response to Review no. 918

I am very pleased about Pertti Ahonen’s very positive and constructive review. Naturally any author and editor appreciates a review which refers to the ‘high quality results’ of the various essays in the book, mentions the ‘highly readable’ style, refers to the book as ‘well-organised and clearly presented’ and does not overlook the ‘impressive amount of relevant information’ contained in the respective articles. The reviewer’s references to a number of authors and their articles that are of particular outstanding quality are also greatly appreciated. Pertti Ahonen is correct in noting that there are some thematic gaps, but some of the gaps he identifies have indeed been covered. For instance, Ruth Wittlinger’s very insightful article does in fact deal with questions of European memory and identity politics, though admittedly largely with reference to post-1990 Europe. Still, I am grateful that the reviewer describes the book as an overall ‘success’ and believes that ‘much about this volume works commendably well’ – but there is of course always room for improvement and the editor is fully aware of this.