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Response to Review of Bad Queen Bess? Libels, Secret Histories, and the Politics of Publicity in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I

I have to say that, in what is now an embarrassingly long career, I think I have never received so sympathetic and generous a review. Andrew Hadfield summarises the book as well, or better, than I could myself and is more than generous in his assessment of its significance. Apart from anything else the review contains an account of why the book takes the (seemingly interminable) form that it does that is more succinct than anything I managed in the book itself. 

Under these circumstances it would not only be churlish, it would be to look a gift horse in the mouth, to respond with anything but thanks. By the way he is right that it is a bit too long. Writing it was a constant struggle to contain the material while being faithful to the contents of often infuriatingly repetitious but also complex texts. And some of my sentences, while I think they nearly always remain sentences, do go on a bit. It is a lifetime's habit of which, in my sixties, I am still trying to break myself.