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Response to Review of Confederate Cities: The Urban South During the Civil War Era

The editors are happy to accept this review. The review makes an excellent point about the importance of the North in the postwar development of Southern cities, something which we neglected to discuss in the volume. The review also correctly notes the heterogeneity of Southern cities in the volume, which we grappled with in trying to make this collection of essays cohesive. Some of both the challenge and opportunity with this volume is that there is so much new and ongoing scholarship about Civil War-era southern cities. In addition to those historians in the volume, many more have or are about to publish important work on the topic, including such scholars as Tyler Anbinder, Aaron Anderson, Adam Arenson, Stephen Ash, Joyce Broussard, Jacqueline Campbell, Ronald Davis, Mary DeCredico, Katie Hemphill, Ashley Whitehead Luskey, Scott Marler, Kate Masur, Lawrence McDonnell, Steve Nash, Margaret Storey, Wendy Venet, Caitlin Verboon, Darin Waters, and Kenneth Winkle. It will be exciting to see how the field develops with this renaissance of scholarship. We thank both the contributors to the volume and the reviewer.