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Response to Review of Emotional Lexicons: Continuity and Change in the Vocabulary of Feeling 1700-2000

The authors are happy to accept this review but would also like to add a short comment. We fully agree with Anna Jordanous’ emphasis on the challenges and limitations of embarking on cross-linguistic analyses and translations – aspects that we intensely discussed within our group during the years of our collaborative work on this book at the Center for the History of Emotions (Max Planck Institute for Human Development) in Berlin. These were also considerations on which we debated intensely when deciding for translating this book, which had already been published in German, into English in order to make its findings accessible to a broader non-German speaking public (see the German edition: Ute Frevert et al., Gef├╝hlswisse: Eine lexikalische Spurensuche in der Moderne, Frankfurt a.M.: Campus 2011).