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Response to Review of Ignacio de Loyola

I am delighted with the thoughtful and perceptive review of my book by Professor Megan Armstrong and I appreciate it very much. It is increasingly clear that the Iberian circle which surrounded Iñigo in his time as page-boy, soldier, student and pilgrim was also present with Ignacio in his time in Paris and above all in his years in Italy and in Rome as the General of the Society of Jesus. It is true, however, that there are issues and areas which have yet to be researched: Ignacio’s links with the English and Scottish (Helyar, Pole, Wauchop), Flemish (Eduard Tapper), Swiss (those who accompanied him to Jerusalem) and Germans (devotees of the mystic theology of the time), all need to be explored in greater depth than has been the case up to this point. One key figure whose life and career is almost unknown is the Savoyard Pierre Fabre, who has recently been canonized. He might plausibly be considered ‘the first general of the Society of Jesus’, between 1535 and 1537, and he welcomed other three fathers into it, none of whom had known Ignacio in Paris.