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Response to Review of Manuscripts Online: Written Culture 1000-1500 – DIGITAL RESOURCE

The reviewer is right in reflecting on the value of adding ‘user contribution’ features to the website. When Manuscripts Online was developed Jisc and digital humanities institutes such as the HRI were exploring the potential role and value of user generated content across a range of digitised resources. With hindsight its use was clearly not effective in this context, but at the time this was an unanswered question and we had to do create the functionality in order to arrive at the conclusion we have today.

We recognise the point made by the reviewer regarding the fact that Manuscripts Online has not been adding to the list of resources. We would like to draw the attention of the reviewer to our ‘Contribution to resources' webpage in which we highlight how more resources can be added. We charge a small fee to cover the costs of processing the data for inclusion in the search engine. This is a one-off fee charged to the content contributor. We also recommend that grant applicants include this in any proposals to develop and make available online resources in the field of English manuscript studies. This is very much a model in which potential contributors are free to approach us, rather than the project actively soliciting further content. We recognise that as a team we could publicise this feature more, and we are planning to do so in the future.