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Response to Review of Medieval Pets

I am very grateful to Dr László Bartosiewicz for his generous review, and I particularly appreciate the assessment of the book by an archaeozoologist, as I searched through many archaeological reports and publications in a search for possible pets among the excavated animal remains.

Regarding illustrations, it was only thanks to the generosity of the Scouloudi Foundation and the Isobel Thornley Bequest that it was possible to have the 29 colour and black-and-white illustrations in the book, naturally more would have better but sadly costs for digital imaging and for permissions are high. I hoped that by choosing a selection of images from diverse sources I could exemplify the presentation of pets in medieval iconography, which is very extensive. His comment regarding endnotes numbering was an editorial decision following house style.

Many thanks to Dr Bartosiewicz for both his praise and comments, greatly appreciated.