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Response to Review of Popular Muslim Reactions to the Franks in the Levant, 1097–1291

I would like to thank the reviewer for her comments. I am pleased that my argument has been appreciated and the originality of the approach praised. I acknowledge the comments about the detail of the conceptual terms of ‘resistance’ and ‘non-elite groups’, and, while I believe that each was treated in enough depth for the purposes of the study, agree benefit would have been gained from a more detailed examination of the meanings of both; the idea of using Given’s examination of resistance as a model is certainly appreciated, and may form the basis for future research. One point which was made that I would like to address is that I am ‘most interested in the so-called “Counter-Crusade”’. While it is certainly correct that the majority of the book is devoted to this subject, this is for two main other reasons: there is much more evidence for this, caused by the reasons for writing of the various historians; and that modern scholarship has been mostly preoccupied with this aspect. Taken together, this means that the ‘Counter-Crusade’ has much more material with which to engage over the questions of how non-elite Muslims reacted to the Franks and why they did so in those ways, and so will inevitably, in a study of this kind, result in more attention being paid to one aspect than the other. The varied treatment of the 'Counter-Crusade' and non-resistance is thus a matter of available material, not of interest. However, I am pleased with the very positive review, and hope that the conclusion that my work ‘shifts our view of these events quite profoundly’ is one which other scholars will agree with.