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Response to Review of Stamping American Memory: Collectors, Citizens, and the Post

Thank you to Jasper M. Trautsch for this generous review of my book. Trautsch is correct that my work focuses on American history and memory, which I make clear from the beginning. I was particularly interested in examining the ways that stamps and stamp imagery functioned culturally as a type of federal publication representing a view of the American past during a particular time in US history. To do so, I needed to write a short history of stamp collecting to demonstrate the pervasiveness of the practice and show that there was an active American audience who learned how to read stamps, and others who were waiting for and suggesting new designs. For the purposes of this book, I let the end of the 'Bureau Period' of stamp production in 1939 and the pause in commemorative stamp production in 1941 due to US entry in the Second World War guide me to a logical end point. As with many subjects, there is more to be done, and a plethora of sources are available for others follow and build on what I have done. I look forward to reading those pieces.

I am especially glad Trautsch mentioned the free and open access version, of which I am particularly proud. This version includes nearly 100 high-resolution images available for close reading and analysis, which was not possible to include in print. It is through the open access version where I hope to engage many readers – collectors, scholars, and students.