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Response to Review of The Political Worlds of Women: Gender and Politics in 19th-century Britain

I would like to thank Jennifer Davey for her generous, thorough, and thoughtful review of The Political Worlds of Women. The book was certainly a challenge to write as I wished to give an indication of the full range of political activities that women engaged in during this formative period. My solution was to structure the book around the different spaces or sites of female political activism. As Davey outlines, these moved from the home, to the neighbourhood, the national sphere, and finally international politics. However, I accept her criticism that reconstructing women’s political culture in these very different arenas, using a broad range of source material, may have led to inconsistencies and perhaps muted some of the conclusions. My hope is that the book will inspire other scholars to probe these areas more thoroughly and deepen our appreciation of the ‘political woman’ in the 19th century.