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Response to Review of The Radical Right in Late Imperial Russia: Dreams of a True Fatherland?

I am grateful to Professor Hosking for his careful and balanced review of my book, and I am especially pleased that he sees it as a good contribution to our understanding of the Russian right. As I find his review very accurate and fair I will limit myself to only a few brief comments. Given that the existing scholarship on the groups and movements that I assessed tends to focus on questions concerning high politics I was particularly keen to draw attention to the social activism of the right, which I still feel we know too little about. I find it gratifying that Professor Hosking found this section of the work especially useful. I agree that there is more to be said on the Rightists' entanglement with the State Council and the United Nobility in particular, and that more study should be carried out on the parallels between the Russian right and movements that emerged in other countries. If my work manages to open up such avenues of research to other scholars I shall be very pleased!