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Response to Review of Turncoats and Renegadoes: Changing Sides during the English Civil Wars

The author is very happy to accept this review and would like to thank Elliot Vernon for his kind, perceptive and thoughtful reading of the book. Dr Vernon’s review does an excellent job of setting the book in its wider context of the ongoing debate about civil war allegiances and mobilisation. In particular his commentary on the significance of the execution of Christopher Love neatly underlines one of the book's main points that allegations of treachery became important tools for infighting and redefining the meaning of 'the cause'. Like so many of our colleagues, I was constrained by available time and wordage into producing the book in its current form but I am pleased that the book has raised the questions identified in Dr Vernon's conclusion, and that I have left room for further research on this topic. As he suggests, this might include a more detailed examination of 'breach of trust' and the political use of the term 'turncoat' after the collapse of parliamentarian unity in 1647, but other future study might also encompass patterns of clerical side-changing and the survival strategies employed by the 17th-century clergy and their families.