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Gold and Swingler

From the 1920s-1940s, in America and Britain, many writers, artists, poets, musicians and other cultural workers were drawn to socially democratic artforms, influenced by Popular Front cultural aesthetics. The very broad group, which may have been ‘pro Communist’ politically and interested in diverse expressions of egalitarianism culturally, are frequently defined mainly in relationship to theContinue reading “Gold and Swingler”

What’s the point of history?

Why do we study the past, why should we, and how do we best go about it? Daniel Woolf takes us through ‘Why History?’,
“full of gems of insight”, and its more philosophical companion, ‘History and Morality’.

Thomas Paine and the French Revolution

Harry Dickinson and the author discuss a deep analysis of the political ideas that Paine expounded in his major and minor writings and speeches while active in French politics.