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Cognitive Sciences and Medieval Studies: An Introduction

Can cognitive science help us to understand medieval society and the medieval mind better? Merel Veldhuizen reviews this ‘persuasive’ and ‘impressive’ collection, which ‘aims to inspire medievalists and other scholars within the humanities to engage with… methodologies deriving from cognitive sciences’.

Gender, Health, and Healing, 1250-1550

Sandra Cavallo reviews this edited collection, which ‘advances our awareness of the variety, persistence, and pervasiveness of women’s contributions to the maintenance and restoration of health’ in medieval Europe.

Last Weapons: Hunger Strikes and Fasts in the British Empire, 1890–1948

Aidan Forth reviews Last Weapons: Hunger Strikes and Fasts in the British Empire, 1890–1948, by Kevin Grant, a ‘thoroughly researched, and conceptually sophisticated study’ of how British transimperial networks helped the international spread of hunger strikes as a form of protest.

Wem & Myddle, then and again

Peter Edwards highlights the richness that eye-witness accounts can bring to the field of local history in this review of two works tracing the ‘relationship between market towns and their rural hinterlands’.