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Charlie Taverner reviews a ‘thorough and stimulating’ major exhibition exploring our relationship with milk and its place in global politics, society, and culture.

What’s the point of history?

Why do we study the past, why should we, and how do we best go about it? Daniel Woolf takes us through ‘Why History?’,
“full of gems of insight”, and its more philosophical companion, ‘History and Morality’.

War: An Enquiry

In his review of this penetrating and provocative book, James Cronin focuses on its assertion that war is synonymous with the ascent of civilisation.

Civil Wars: A History in Ideas

John Collins speculates that this new book might cause a revolution within the discipline, possibly preceded by civil war!

Twilight of History

Beverley Southgate praises an eminently readable book of clear importance for both politics and education.