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Charlie Taverner reviews a ‘thorough and stimulating’ major exhibition exploring our relationship with milk and its place in global politics, society, and culture.

No Return

It is hard to review this book without lapsing into the language of academic letters of recommendation: it is brilliant, illuminating. The genre is the Anglo-American ‘book of the thesis’. This genre contrasts with that of first books from young German and French scholars in that the author has taken years to revise his 2015Continue reading “No Return”

Cognitive Sciences and Medieval Studies: An Introduction

Can cognitive science help us to understand medieval society and the medieval mind better? Merel Veldhuizen reviews this ‘persuasive’ and ‘impressive’ collection, which ‘aims to inspire medievalists and other scholars within the humanities to engage with… methodologies deriving from cognitive sciences’.

Gender, Health, and Healing, 1250-1550

Sandra Cavallo reviews this edited collection, which ‘advances our awareness of the variety, persistence, and pervasiveness of women’s contributions to the maintenance and restoration of health’ in medieval Europe.

What’s the point of history?

Why do we study the past, why should we, and how do we best go about it? Daniel Woolf takes us through ‘Why History?’,
“full of gems of insight”, and its more philosophical companion, ‘History and Morality’.