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Response to Review no. 94

This review puts forward a good case for ignoring Sir John Laughton, and the ‘exaggerated’ claims contained in the book. Dr Knight addresses three core questions. He reminds us that the seminal thinkers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century were Mahan, Corbett and Richmond, not Laughton. By contrast Laughton’s own writings are ‘almostContinue reading “Response to Review no. 94”

The Atlantic

‘From the Sea of Perpetual Gloom to the Holiday Cruise’ With this book Paul Butel, Professor of modern history at the Universite de Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux, launches both a new series, and a new perspective. The series ‘Seas in History’ edited by Geoffrey Scammell, promise to reverse an age old trend, by taking anContinue reading “The Atlantic”