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Response to Review no. 454

I would like to thank John Garrard for his thoughtful, and thought provoking review of my book, Scandal: The Sexual Politics of the British Constitution. I certainly agree that the emergence of the mass media – in the eighteenth-century context, newspapers – was certainly essential in making scandals so powerful during this period, but scandalsContinue reading “Response to Review no. 454”

The Gentleman’s Daughter. Women’s Lives in Georgian England.

Amanda Vickery’s new book is largely based on several rich collections of women’s letters and diaries, most notably those of Elizabeth Parker Shackleton, whose family belonged to the lesser gentry and mercantile elite of Lancashire in the eighteenth century. These women’s voices — in turns passionate, pious, sentimental and sardonic, resentful and resigned — vividlyContinue reading “The Gentleman’s Daughter. Women’s Lives in Georgian England.”