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Response to Review no. 1083

It is gratifying to see Professor Peter Robb’s review of The Bengal Delta. Ecology, State and Social Change, 1840-1943 in Reviews in History. He provides a detailed, chapter-by-chapter commentary with important observations, with which I have little to disagree. This response is intended to situate Professor Robb’s comments within the broader thesis of the book.Continue reading “Response to Review no. 1083”

What is Global History?

Like most practitioners in global history, Pamela Kyle Crossley, in What is Global History, engages this simple yet profoundly provocative question: ‘how to tell a story without a centre?’ In a smallish, 120-page treat of the question, Crossley provides a gripping overview of the field, along with its genealogy, trends and possibilities. Crossley weaves herContinue reading “What is Global History?”