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Response to Review no. 253

Having read the review carefully, I am immensely grateful to Dr Williams for her attention to the detail of the study, the general points she raises from it, and her care in setting the work within the context of other studies, particularly Bolshevik Women (Cambridge, 1997) by Barbara Clements (which is, as Dr Williams saysContinue reading “Response to Review no. 253”

Myth and Materiality in a Woman’s World: Shetland, 1800–2000

Professor Abrams has written a profound and illuminating study of a relatively-isolated, but not inward-looking, community which has been perceived by outsiders as a quintessentially masculine society and yet which was, at least until the 1960s, very much ‘a woman’s world’. This was certainly the case in demographic terms: when the economy was dominated byContinue reading “Myth and Materiality in a Woman’s World: Shetland, 1800–2000”