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Response to Review no. 718

Well, so much for peer review. Briefly, let’s deal with the errors that Mr Goldsmith has discovered in my text: writing the word ‘passion’ when I should have written ‘resurrection’ was indeed silly. But it is the only substantial error that he has spotted in a book of almost 500 pages. By contrast, he makesContinue reading “Response to Review no. 718”

Response to Review no. 527

Even though it is conventional, let me begin by thanking Dr Burt for a thoughtful and charitable review. I am glad that she considers my book to be important and that she found it illuminating, not just of the Bigods themselves but of wider questions on thirteenth-century politics and government. These are very generous commentsContinue reading “Response to Review no. 527”

History and the Media

In December 2002, 400 people assembled at the Institute of Historical Research in London to attend a conference called ‘History and the media’. Its purpose was to investigate the recent and phenomenal rise of popular history, and as such it drew delegates not only from colleges, libraries and museums, but also from television studios, newsdesksContinue reading “History and the Media”