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A Companion to World War I

Matthew Hughes believes editor John Horne is to be congratulated for editing such a disparate group of essays into a cohesive whole.

Response to Review no. 134

As the late Professor Elie Kedourie once observed, writing a book is like the hopeful castaway sending his message in a bottle to wash up on unknown shores. It is, therefore, with great pleasure that I read Peter Simkins’ thoughtful and constructive review of my recent monograph on Allenby and the Palestine campaign during theContinue reading “Response to Review no. 134”

The Origins of the First World War: Controversies and Consensus

The First World War is a seminal historical event; an historical caesura whose aftershocks still resonate. For Eric Hobsbawm, it began the ‘Age of Extremes’ – the start of the ‘short’ twentieth century lasting from 1914 to 1991 in which fascism, communism and liberal democracy clashed for world hegemony.(1) This contest for power dominated worldContinue reading “The Origins of the First World War: Controversies and Consensus”