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Response to Review no. 295a

We are grateful to Professor Murphy for her careful and generous review. She leaves us little to say, save to thank her for her assessment. Perhaps, though, we might comment on four points. First, to correct a misunderstanding, we did not conclude ‘that it was climate, and not diet, that was responsible for diseases likeContinue reading “Response to Review no. 295a”

Feast and Famine: Food and Nutrition in Ireland 1500-1920

Clarkson’s and Crawford’s research at the Centre for Social Research and in this book builds on Kenneth H. Connell’s pioneering studies of population and of Irish diet. Making use of demographic data, manuscript sources, parliamentary papers and local records, they contend that food and nutrition are mainstream matters in the study of Irish social history,Continue reading “Feast and Famine: Food and Nutrition in Ireland 1500-1920”