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Response to Review no. 227

Firstly, I should like to thank Dr. Beattie for a comprehensive and, generally speaking, fair and balanced review. I am grateful to Dr. Beattie for the positive things she has to say about the book: I see no point in dwelling on these, and so will turn straightaway to her criticisms. These tend to relateContinue reading “Response to Review no. 227”

Propaganda and the Tudor State: Political Culture in the Westcountry

This book addresses a number of live issues in early modern historiography: the ‘New British History’, emphasising those nations and regions beyond the English heartlands; post-Eltonian revisionism, which questions the thesis of a centralising revolution in Tudor government; and the new cultural history, which uses a wide range of cultural artefacts – ‘texts’ – toContinue reading “Propaganda and the Tudor State: Political Culture in the Westcountry”